Ever feel like this? Scared to do what is right?

Dudes! There are more meadows out there!
Dudes! There are more meadows out there!

Ever feel like you have a fresh perspective on the world but the rest of the mice just want you to climb down and be quiet? I’ve been tempted to climb down and be quiet, because I like people to like me, I like being one of the mice.

This week I published a book with tons of hours of research behind it. That’s nice, right? Not exactly. I was scared to publish it, I struggled with publishing it, because a whole lot of my friends are going to be mad at me. The book is “Why I am an X-Christian Zionist.” Just about all my friends, along with 30 million other Americans, are Christian Zionists, that is, Israel can do no wrong. I was one for three decades and I know how hard it is to change your mind.

But sometimes you see things. Sometimes you climb up a bit for a wider view and you have to do what is right, regardless. John Maynard Keynes said it well: “When I get new information, I change my mind. What, sir, do you do with new information?”

The book is on Smashwords, at $2.99 if you’re interested. You can skip the 82 references and it’s still a fascinating history of the spread of ideas. If you ever feel like the climbing mouse, contact me. I’ll listen.



Cover design by Je'
Cover design by Je’

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