Today’s Art Experiment

How is your week going? Good, I hope.

I’ve been working on books and more specifically, art for books. I decided that it would be cool to use fractals, so I gave myself permission to play with Apophysis, which is a free fractal generator you can download and play with. I get so excited by fractals I spent twelve hours generating fractals and re-doing the art for As the Sparks Fly Upward. 

My other art experiment calls for completion from the kitchen table. I have been telling it, “Wait.” My other Other art experiment is this: I peek out the door several times a day, but I only open it six inches. I figure the world is full of amazing things and those amazing things will sometimes show up in my six inch view.

It rained a frogchoaker last night, so hard the door leaked. “Dang,” I thought, “I need to fix that.” But I couldn’t fix it in the rain and now that it’s sunny, I lack motivation to fix it. But I did peek out this morning.

The sun was blazing and the leaves were blazing in the sun. Not only that, a spider web had caught some dew drops and they were blazing, too. “Aha!” I thought, “I’ll just make a quick painting of that.” “Huh, this is not as easy as I thought,” I said, a couple hours into the project. I really should make a Tshirt with that on the front, I say it so often. I need another one that says, “Little did I know.”

Here’s this morning’s six inch view out my back door.

Sun after Rain by Je'
Sun after Rain
by Je’

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