Reasons are not Excuses

In watching crime documentaries, I notice people wonder “why?” unless the motive is love or money-we get those motives. Shrinks come on and answer: the killer was abused as a kid, hit his head, was on drugs, or some such. When I worked in a prison, I noticed the inmates had a similar list. No doubt there are contributing factors to crimes, probably thousands, but those are reasons, not excuses. Do you see the difference?

If you don’t, then bad behavior will never change, because if a person has no control over their own behavior they are not responsible. This no doubt occurs now and then, in probably .5% of cases of bad behaviors. The rest is a choice and they are responsible (as are we) for our choices. Serial killers who say they can’t stop killing, do stop killing in prison, where they will get stopped by people more powerful than they are. So they stop. They lie when they say they can’t stop. Note to shrinks: They may lie when they say they were abused, had a head injury, or were on drugs, too.

We have a wonderful brain, don’t we? I find my wonderful brain can come up with many rationalizations for doing something bad-“everybody does it, it’s just this once, well, I’m not as bad as (Hitler, Stalin, Jack the Ripper.”) It’s all crap, of course, but I admit I have convinced myself with this crap on more than one occasion.

Why do sexually sadistic serial killers do it? Because it’s fun to them and their fun is more important than your daughter’s life. No, they aren’t crazy, sorry. They’re not curable, either. Lock them up.

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