ART 101

Art 101-A Jump Start for Beginners, a Tune-Up for the Experienced

I’ve been arting over sixty years now and realized I made some of the same of the same dumb mistakes for decades. Art 101 is a jump start-why should you make the same mistakes, when I can tell you how to solve them and you can then go on, mistake-free, to greatness?

We’ve had quite a few graduates from Art 101 here at the Suwannee River Studio, and after a year, I can tell who did and who did not complete the course. Completers are way ahead of the rest.


I put Art 101 on ‘paint-along-with’ videos, so you can work on it in your own home at your own pace. There are six classes: Light Source, Values, Color Theory, Color Mixing, Linear Perspective and Aerial Perspective.

Me teaching at the Suwannee River Studio. Student: Madame Butterfly-her self portrait in the background.


I tried to keep the cost of materials to a minimum and sell a complete materials kits (all you need for the classes) for $25, plus $10 shipping. I thought of how busy you are, why should you burn gas and get ripped off on art supplies when I’ve done the legwork? But if you want to get your own supplies, there’s a list at the bottom. I posted the videos online, so you can watch them on your computer. Unless we have made other arrangements, the course videos are $14.99. They take about an hour each to complete.




Materials kit


Contact me at, tell me if you want the video course for $14.99 and I’ll hook you up. Let me know if you also want the materials kit for $34.99, shipping included. Both for $49.98.




Great deal when a year in art school is going to cost at least $10,000.


Aerosol hair spray to set the pastels.

drawing paper/ buy a pad or a package of construction paper

(Paper needs some tooth, or roughness to hold the pastels) Construction paper works great and is cheap as dirt.

Pastel set. This nice set of 24 colors is from Dick Blick and can be ordered online.

Watercolor paper-paper that won’t buckle when wet.

Pencils. Art pencils come in darker shades than those ole’ number 2’s.

Kneaded eraser is nice-available from Dick Blick online.

Acrylic paint in black, white, primary red, blue and yellow. Cheap acrylics in small plastic bottles are fine to start. I use house paint, which is acrylic paint.

Brush set-can get from Amazon, art store or a big box store. Don’t spend a fortune on brushes, it’s your skill, not the brush that makes it happen.

Download and print Captain Jack Parrot and Lulu the bloodhound for tracing. They’re in the kit; if you don’t want the kit, I’ll email you the images.

Send us photos of your finished projects and if you have grasped the principle, we’ll send you a certificate of completion. Have fun!-Je’

Suwannee River Studio on Youtube:

Mural made with house paint

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