The Legend of Jack Napkin

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by grand children, thinking, “Life doesn’t get any better than this…”

Maddy age 7: “Neena! You have sweet potato on your fingers.”

Me: “Oh, no, whatever can I do?”

Maddy: “Get a napkin, silly.”

Me: “What is a napkin?”

Maddy: “They’re right on the counter. You use them to wipe your face and fingers if you need to.”

Me: Retrieving a napkin and using it, “Wow, what a great invention. Do you know who invented this!?”

Maddy: “I don’t know, who?”

Me: “Jack Napkin, but how do you suppose he did that?”

The Legend of Jack Napkin
The Legend of Jack Napkin

Story the kids came up with: One day Jack Napkin was eating with his messy friends, thinking, “What a mess.” Later, he accidentally put his hand on a piece of cloth and noticed it got clean. “I know, I will make these and sell them and I will call them Napkins.” So he did and he got rich. After he got rich, he gave his Napkins to poor people, so they could get clean, too. The End.

The other adults at the dinner table are used to our story-making, so they just sat and smiled.

Me, whispering to Maddy’s mom: “Can we do the story of Thomas Crapper?”

Mom: “No! We’re eating Thanksgiving dinner here!”

Me: “But it’s a true story.”

Mom: “En-oh=No.”

We’ll save that one for another day. 🙂

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