STOP THAT “Share-or you will go to hell” stuff

I try (not always successfully) to limit my criticism to groups to which I belong. I mean, “not in my name,” right?

I am American, so I can criticize bad things America does, because “not in my name.” I am Polish and have been distressed that Poland has been misbehaving. Hey Poland, “not in my name.”

I am a Christian, which is a rich source of “not in my name, brethren and sisterns.”

Don’t mock or put down the poor in my name. Don’t beat war drums in my name. Don’t spew your racist poison in my name.

And DO NOT, just STOP, posting this kind of crap on Facebook. The kind of crap that implies if you don’t share this you are going to hell. So that’s the new theological position on salvation? Hitting “Share” on facebook? C’mon, people. STOP IT.

This post was on my Facebook this morning. It got over 800,000 shares. STOP IT!


This is probably the kind of thing Paul meant when he said, “I would not have you ignorant brethren.” Oh, I forgot the comma?

Its supposed to be “I would not have you ignorant, brethren?”

Yeah, well they didn’t HAVE commas in the original language. Think about that.

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