The New USA

Lets start looking forward
Lets start looking forward

What does the USA looks like where you would like to live? This is a question asked in conflict resolutions and since we seem to be involved in conflicts with each other, I thought it might be helpful if we all thought about this question.

It will certainly be more helpful than calling each other names, as much fun as that can be, especially if you’re really good with adjectives. But of course, that is just so much spitting into the wind when it comes to actually making the changes that need to be made.

What do we want? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is the government responsible for our lives? Well, Stalin and Mao are viciously criticized for allowing millions of citizens to starve to death when they could have done something about it. The principle seems to be that government is indeed responsible to keep its citizens, at least, alive as well as safe from enemies.

In the new USA there is full employment and this is the top economic priority. These wage earners will buy things and pay taxes to fund projects and pay off the debt. The debt will go down drastically because the USA will rely more on well-trained diplomats than explosives dropped from airplanes to accomplish its foreign policy goals. Foreign military bases will close, but not a single base will close on the mainland.

In the new USA the Federal Reserve is nationalized and the money-issuing power given back to congress where it is supposed to be. All transactions will be audited and presented for public scrutiny annually.

In the new USA qualified students who wish to go to college will be funded through scholarships, Pell grants and/or zero percent student loans. Special incentives will be in place for high demand fields. All student loans outstanding will be reduced to zero percent interest.

In the new USA scientific R&D will cure diseases, develop alternative energy, and create decentralized sustainable healthy food production.

Well, that’s my new USA. What’s yours? 🙂

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