Hijab-Ultimate Solution for bad hair days?

End Bad Hair Days Forever
End Bad Hair Days Forever

Some countries have banned the hijab and the burqa and some people complain that this violates the religious freedom of Muslims.

It amazes me how this debate goes on and on, though Islam does not require the wearing of either garment according to the Qu’ran. It is a cultural tradition, not a religious issue.

Immigrants always bring new things when they arrive and we are quick to adapt the things we like, like salsa dancing and kielbasa. If no new immigrants had ever arrived, we’d still be eating boiled beef and dancing the minuet. Bor-ing.

We probably aren’t going to ever like the burqa. Too many people have referred to it as putting a big black hefty bag over your head. It could be a dude under there, off to rob a bank or something.

But how about the hijab? It’s kind of pretty, don’t you think? Could it not be the end of bad hair days forever? I am contemplating wearing a hijab as a solution to my wild hair problem. But I’m not sure how that will go over here in Deepsouth, GA. Perhaps if I carried some spares in a confederate flag pattern? Or that “Don’t Tread on Me” flag? Could start a fad.

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