Grandma used to say, “Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without.” Sometimes frugality promotes creativity, which is just another way to say necessity is the mother of invention. I remember barbed wire holding a coke bottle on the old farm tractor motor. It wasn’t pretty, but Matka (our tractor’s name) plowed the field.

I wanted to hang plants in my big fourth floor window and I’m pretty frugal, since I’m pretty broke. It all cost about $1.50 (for the macrame chord.) The hanging plant was cuttings from a friend’s houseplant, the pot is a coffee can covered with an acrylic skin. The succulents were “free take homes” and the little bonsai tree was an old limb plus a stone, plus small dry leaves plus moss scraped off a stone wall. The arrangements were gleaned from yard waste.

Please forgive me if you actually know how to do macrame; I just clumsily followed a Youtube video. That’s something else that is free; just about anything you want to learn is online. With all our griping about technology, we must admit that free lessons in everything from macrame plant hangers to epoxy counter tops is available for the seeking.

What do you want? Can you make it yourself? Bet you can. 🙂

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