I’ve Moved! Please visit me!

Please visit my new home.
Please visit my new home.

How is your week going? Good, I hope.

I finally got the courage to move this whole blog to a paid site which will not torment you with intrusive ads.

I’ve been worried that I would lose you, so please come visit me at the new place-it doesn’t have that “like” thing, so I’ll miss your likes and your faces next to them,which always made me happy.

Here are the latest on the new site:

When your best friend laughs in your face

Hilarious, Never-Ending British-French Rivalry

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  1. Hi Je
    Thank you for your article. Though I’m afraid its so much worse now. Possibly, even to late to reverse itself. Although At 62,I will continue to debate my(yours) beliefs until I can speak no more. In “a nutshell” , all the wars/turmoil we are currently seeing is a direct result of INVESTMENT BANKING…..so said President Andrew Jackson “You Vipors of Europe are going to ruin our young country “……..120 years later JFK said the same.

    To the point……The CIA controls the Presidency………Massad controls the CIA….very easily, they have a dossier
    on anyone that matters… total control……George Kennan (“father of Containment”), days before his death in 2005, at the age of 101, said: ” My biggest regret was supporting the creation of the CIA ” John Foster Dulles (Allens BIG brother) was his staunch nemesis.

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