How to fight racism and help some poor kids

Let's try love...
Let’s try love…

I never do this-but here goes!

I know this non-profit that has been quietly working in this city since 2000. Having started a couple of non-profits and directed a couple more, I know a good one (and a bad one) when I see it. This is a good one!

Maybe too good? I kind of think it’s OK for the Director to get at least a little salary-but this one does not. It’s all volunteer. By now, they have former kids volunteering, they have former kids who they helped through college. They have an awesome Christmas party every year, art, music and drama classes, and they gather school supplies for poor kids in the fall. They keep track of kid’s efforts and reward hard work with a week at summer camp.

Some kids have never seen the ocean, though its just two hours away. For some reason, the first time a kid sees the ocean and goes flying down the beach…well, for some reason, it makes me cry.

They cross all racial and socioeconomic racial boundaries and gently try to change entrenched attitudes around here.

They need donations to pay for summer camp and if you can help, please do so. His Hands Ministry

I’m not very good at this. I should say, “Grab your credit or debit card and click on that link.”

I should say, “Act Now!” or something like that. But I’m no good at this…” So just do what you think is right.


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