The Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Every now and then we get a whiff or glimpse of some sort of order in the universe and then some philosopher comes along and says, “It’s all in our head.” Well, yeah, the nose with which I metaphorically whiffed it is on my head and I presume its travels down a bunch of branching neurons in my head and lands somewhere inside and decides, “Hello there, it looks like there is order in the universe.”

In fact, the philosopher who pooh-poohed my thought was seen with the eyes in my head, and heard pooh-poohing with the ears in my head and that information  followed the same branching neurons to the spot in my head that decides, “I can’t stand philosophers.”

There is order in the universe, but I can’t quite put my finger on it; I can’t quite get the Big Picture. I get only hints; I think its more like fractals than anything else. Today’s hint was from the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life crops up in many stories from all over the world, though we are probably most familiar with the mention in Genesis, where two trees stood in the garden, one the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil and the other the Tree of Life.

In most ancient stories, the Tree of Life leads to the spirit world and in some it is guarded by a serpent to keep those ever-curious humans away. The tree grows upward toward the heavens, but it also grows downward into the darkness-just like our thoughts do. The thing that really hit me today is how much the Tree looks like those branching neurons in our brains!


But we have never actually seen the branching neurons in our brains, so we could not know that, intuitively-could we?

We could not  get that the conscious and unconscious parts of our thought processes are like the branches and roots of the tree of life, could we? That could not be why so many humans all through time have had a concept of a Tree of Life.

That could not be why. Could it? 🙂


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