We know the news is full of s**t, but is it our own fault?

The sky is falling, etc
The sky is falling, etc

My ex-husband was a news photographer. The KKK had come to town to hold a rally and march down the street. Pretty much nobody cared- a few curious onlookers-the event was deservedly a dud.

But then three busloads of students from a local college arrived and started yelling and cussing at the pointy-hooded ones. One of them threw a brick, which hit my ex.

Now how would this story be reported accurately? When I watched the news that night, the headline was “Violence Erupts at Klan Rally.” The one little skirmish was the only video aired. That’s when I realized the news was bulls**t. They treat all events this same way. Why? because viewers want to see action, they want violence, confrontation, they want to watch gladiators in the coliseum.

The news media that provides these blood sports is the one that gets the ratings and the one that gets the ratings gets the money. The blood sports can be verbal, too. How do you think Rush Limbaugh makes millions of dollars a year? How do you think Fox News gets over one million viewers?

I always try to offer a solution if I’m going to rant. Here it is: Turn off the TV.


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