Creativity-What we need most right now

The Frog Johannes Stotter
The Frog
Johannes Stotter

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

I often say that we Americans desperately need to have more fun; to relax, to build a bonfire, get out the drums and dance. We need this because we are unbalanced, burdened down with the Calvinist work ethic, which drives us every day until we die, with or without the most toys. This driven lifestyle does not make us whole, happy, flourishing people and I firmly believe we are here to flourish; i.e. germinate, grow toward the light and bloom.

So I offer you an example of creativity, of intelligence having fun, from artist

Johannes Stotter: “The Frog”
The Frog is actually five nude women


  1. This is awesome! I agree that people need to just let go and loosen up! To much seriousness makes the body unhappy and unhealthy! Thank you for sharing. Peace, love, bliss. Tammy

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