Masters of the Universe-Long on Cash, Short on Balls

Try Thinking

Do you think the global elite doesn’t care what you think? Au contraire. As Michael Parenti says, that’s the only thing they care about you; not if you have food, shelter or any shred of hope-but what are the peons thinking? They are scared of us!

I was surprised when, in a video about a Bilderberg meeting, an attendee was overheard to say, “Those demonstrators-they are rather worrying.” Might the mob rise up and eat the rich? Worry away, Bilderbergers.

A less secretive meeting of the same group is taking place at Davos. They are worried that income inequality might make the mob mad. A little delving into history will confirm their suspicions. However, people will take an awful lot of mess before they attack the gated communities. The question is: “How much can the Masters of the Universe extract before that happens?”

An Oxfam report says the 85 richest people on the planet have the same amount of wealth as the bottom 50% of the people on the planet. That’s less than one hundred people with the same resources as over four billion! What if  four billion people GOT TOGETHER and mobbed the Masters of the Universe? Better keep them divided. Better keep the private jet fueled up, too, just in case.

If you don’t read Pepe Escobar, you are missing a treat. Not only does he know what he is talking about, he is rip-roaring honest and as an added bonus, he’s pretty darn funny. In a recent article about the Davos meetings, he discusses the fears of the uber-rich and their concern for “stability.” They think a world war might break out because of their money-grubbing, because of China’s rise, and because of turmoil in the Middle East.

Here is Pepe’s comment:

As for “rising geopolitical tensions”, no one at Davos seems to have the balls to name where they come from; the decline of the American Empire with all is centrifugal and centripetal convulsions; the fear of many in the West and especially Japan in the East of an unstoppable, rising China; and the unholy alliance of Israel and the House of Saud to keep the wider Middle East mired in sectarian conflict. These are the real “geopolitical tensions” that could revamp 1914; not Iran, China or Russia’s foreign policy strategies.

Do not fear them. The Masters of the Universe are long on cash and short on balls.

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