On Manatees and Liberals

Acrylic and pastel, 20 X 24″

You gotta love manatees. Well, you don’t ‘gotta’ but I do. I love their obesity and the fact that when I snorkeled in Florida springs, they didn’t eat me. Unlike the alligators. Manatees, sea cows, munching, munching, munching.

Supposedly sailors mistook them for mermaids. If so, they had been on that ship for way too long.

I’m sort of a lefty myself and have a friend who is an extreme lefty. By extreme, I mean the same as an extreme righty: they both think the world would be all right if only the members of the opposite camp were all dead. You can see where these extremes have lead throughout history. I think we need each other to balance out and murder is not an option. Respectful debate and open minds is the way to go.

Susan asked what art project I was working on. “Manatee and Baby” I answered. “The manatees are all starving to death,” she said. “No! How is that possible? The St. Johns River is clogged with water hyacinths like an Iowa cornfield.” “No, they’re all starving. Google it.”

Turns out, about 900 manatees have died in the Indian River and they say they have starved. Please note that this does not say all the manatees are dying-but my liberal friend is always saying the world is ending because of MAN. She pretty much hates humans. I pointed out to her that humans are also part of nature and want to survive. But, no, animals are all noble and MAN is disgusting.

She feeds the feral raccoons, which is against the law because they carry diseases. “Look at the magnificent red hawk!” she states, all misty eyed at the glories of nature.His feathers are rough (sign of illness) and he’s eating the guts out of a squirrel on the lawn. Actually, the hawk was sick and left most of the carcass while he sat in a low tree spraying diarrhea all over the sidewalk. So noble.

My other liberal friend sent a photo of a 12-foot alligator on a golf course that looked friendly, she said NO. It is not friendly. It is a large carnivorous reptile and doesn’t give a flying shite about you and never will. Respect the animals for what they are, not for some Disney version of wild animals who want to be our friends. In a less civilized time, my Disney liberal friends wouldn’t live long. Which concerns me, because they are my friends.

They are as close-minded as my extreme righty friends. I have some of them, too.

But c’mon,you gotta love manatees. Can we move some to the St. Johns River?

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