Abortion Debate: Could We Please Drop the Stupidity on Both Sides

I hate abortion yet I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-choice because God gives us free will. We can choose what to do with it. Have you noticed God didn’t stop you last time you did wrong? But even choices have limits that are not allowed. We call those crimes. I would like the abortion choice to be an informed choice, not a thoughtless, knee-jerk action.

Not a single abortion advocate I have encountered think it’s OK to murder babies. How about babies at 8 months pregnancy? That seems wrong, an 8 month baby can live outside the womb. How about 7 months? Hmm…they can also live outside the womb. Someone suggested that the criteria should be “capable of unassisted life,” no womb or medical assistance or anything. But what if you are injured in a car accident and need an ICU hookup as you recover? Are you not a human being because you can’t survive unassisted?

On a pro-abortion site, they said the rumors of late term abortions were just propaganda and very few abortions are performed after 21 weeks. Only 100,000. ONLY 100,000. Is that OK with you? Are you informed about the condition of a baby at 21 weeks? They can suck their thumb, have their own sleep cycle, hiccup, and as any mama can tell you, move around a lot. Brain waves will be detectable even by our current devices in a few weeks. The baby is thinking. The youngest baby to survive so far is Baby Richard; born at 21 weeks, 2 days. He lived and is now fine.

My pro-abortion friends ask what about rape or incest? I’m a woman; I have great compassion on victims of rape or incest. What about morning after pills? (And what about counseling and what about throwing that bastard in jail?)

The Texas law that’s causing all the uproar says abortion is legal up to six weeks. Can you tell if you’re pregnant before six weeks? Yes, you can, 99% of the time. But what if a woman is ignorant of signs? Why is she ignorant? Does she even know where babies come from? Pretty important information, that.

We agree that people should be sexually responsible. If I could, I’d drop birth control out of helicopters. And why is there no male oral contraceptive? But we know that people often are sexually irresponsible and end up with unwanted pregnancies or STDs. Members on both sides of the abortion divide can be sexually irresponsible. Let’s just admit that.

We agree that defenseless human beings should not be murdered. The question is: is that unborn baby a human being-with the right to live? A pro-choice advocate told me babies are parasites. I pointed that is what Hitler called the Jews to justify murdering them. First dehumanize, then it’s OK to kill.

When does human life begin? When it has a heart beat? When it has brain waves? When it passes out of it’s mama and takes a breath? I’d sure like to have an intelligent, respectful debate about that without the stupid name-calling from both sides: “Woman Hater!” “Baby Killer!” We can do better.


We hold bygone slave traders in disdain on moral grounds. We need to have the debate on this issue. We can do better than name-calling. And we’d better, lest future generations look back upon us with more disdain than we now hold toward our slave-trading ancestors.

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