How To Fix an Ugly Table Top

I was so proud of assembling my rolling tea cart in only two hours. Now you may be a much better builder than I and would have done it in thirty minutes, but I have a terrible habit of plunging in without reading the directions. This time I followed the directions and other than putting on a cabinet door backwards, it worked!

After awhile, I spilled alcohol ink on it and it looked crappy. After procrastinating for a month, I sanded it a bit and made a pour on top in honor of Goethe’s color theory. He is known as a great writer (Faust) but spent many years on color theory, which is explained in a Youtube video.

If you’re interesting in the technique of pours I have a free video on that; just email me (

Now it looks funky and when it dries I’ll coat it with epoxy so any spills will wipe right off instead of sinking in. It only took about an hour start to finish, which is good because I needed to get busy on art projects I’ve been procrastinating on.

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