You Can’t Kill a Virus

You can’t kill a virus, because it’s not alive. It just floats about as potential until it can hijack the cell of a living thing to make it reproduce more viruses. Some folks tried to kill Covid by drinking bleach, alcohol and other disinfectants on the theory that hey would disinfect their innards.

It makes a crude sort of sense, but our innards don’t work that way. The disinfectant drinkers and sniffers died or came close to dying. The way to stop a virus is to prevent it from hijacking your cell in the first place. That’s what the vaccine does. Not perfectly, only about 95 percentedly. But those are pretty good odds.

I’m amazed people wonder where this came from-must have been made in a lab! Why? Because if something happens, some human did it? Where did the cold sore virus (herpes simplex 1) come from? Most people tote that one around, but it only manifests when you are stressed and your immune system is down. Same with chicken pox/shingles virus.

The best protection is to keep the old immune system strong and learn how to deal with stress, which everyone encounters.

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