Who is that Masked Man?

You’re doing it wrong

Wearing Masks When Fully Vaccinated?

I researched the vaccine thoroughly and finally got the shots. No problems, felt slightly sickish for four hours after the second one. My cab driver lectured me for twenty minutes on the government conspiracy that would now render me-what? Dead? Autistic? Sheepish? Nope, still alive and feisty. But the long-term effects? Didn’t have any from childhood vaccines. Risk vs. benefits-we calculate those all day long.

I remember polio and various vaccines from childhood. Did not make me sheepish, sickly or compliant. I also never got polio, smallpox or anything else that used to kill vast numbers of children.

I first researched how they made the vaccine and it was damn clever. Basically, they give you an illusion of Covid spikes (not a weakened virus like some other vaccines) so your body circulates memory immune cells, which attack Covid immediately if it arrives.

It’s not 100%? Nothing is 100%. Some folks have side effects? Do anything to fifty million folks and you’ll get some weird responses, because every body is different.

Now I can’t catch it and can’t spread it. My next cab driver lectured me in ‘Jamaican’ with great passion when I didn’t wear a mask. The vaccine was a hoax, you see. We’re all gonna die. “If Covid is a hoax why wear a mask?” I asked him, but he got so angry I shut up. People once thought bacteria was a hoax, too. Little invisible bugs that make you sick? Hogwash. The gubmint wants to kill us, or sicken us, or steal our DNA, or some such fantasy.

Why would the government/elite want us all to die? Who will mow their lawns and clean their mansions? No, they want lots of people struggling for low-paying jobs. They want to stay in power. They want somebody paying taxes, because they ain’t gonna. They’re hiding their income in the Cayman Islands. The elite have always, in every nation at every time, wanted to stay in power. Yet every dynasty, every empire has fallen. THAT is 100%.

I am somewhat alarmed at the general ignorance. What government lab created the bubonic plague? Or the Spanish flu? Or syphillis or smallpox? To combat ignorance try taking the Yale History of Epidemics-for free.

Fascinating course. Humans have reacted to every epidemic since 1300’s in the same way. First government cover-up to ‘protect the economy,’ then citizen denial because it’s scary, followed by quack remedies and civil disobedience which spread it faster.

Now some say I should wear a mask though I can’t catch it or spread it. Why should I wear a mask? I did wear one when it made sense to protect others on the off chance I had it. Basically, now it’s to set a good example for the unvaccinated. We wouldn’t want to discriminate against them, now would we? But yeah, I think I do want to discriminate against them at this stage. Do the research ye fearful. Not on conspiracy websites-dig deeper. We’re all gonna die? Yes we are, but Covid doesn’t have to be the cause..

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