The Fishing Hole-Art from Odds and Ends

The Fishing Hole-Miniscape #3

The leaves are made from cat littler, the plants collected beside the road, the hill is styrofoam covered with a plaster-mache mix, the fish are polymer clay from my hot little hands. The water is resin, which always intimidates me because it’s so freaking expensive you will kick yourself (as I have!) if you screw it up.

This is my third attempt at a miniscape and I’m taking notes so the next one will be better.

But the story I tell myself as I work away the hours has been fun. You see, I’m there and I saw this interesting tree being undercut by the creek and thought, “I bet there’s fish in that hole!” So I came back, slid down the bank and caught a couple of those bait-stealing bream. I kept glancing back at the hole under the bank, wondering, what might come out of that hole and attack me? my nightmare five pound jungle spider? a pissed off mama raccoon? a water moccasin?…but I bravely pressed on.

Many mosquito bites later, I caught the catfish and triumphantly climbed the bank, flushed with success. But I never even noticed that big bass hiding behind the weeds.

The Fishing Hole
Water came out OK this time…

There are six fish in the fishing hole. Can you find them?

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