Falling Azaleas and the Voice of God

Latest painting 18 X 24, from a scene around the corner…

Azaleas falling

“There’s something sad about the falling camellias,” a family member said. This spring, when the azaleas put on a glorious show, and then their fragile blooms carpeted the sidewalks with pink, we glimpsed that sadness. What is that something sad? Simply that it reminds us of time passing, the cycle of of budding, blooming, and dying.

But there’s another message here; the value of frailty. If the azaleas bloomed permanently, would we even notice them? If the bloom show were not rare, would we even value it? The very fact that blooms are temporary makes them more precious. The very fact that we humans are transient on this earth makes us more precious. It would be a good thing if we treated each other that way.

I have often heard Christians say that they want to hear the voice of God. But God is constantly speaking to us, if we have ears to hear. We could read it in black and white in the Bible: The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.” Or we could get the same message in living color by walking around town when the azaleas have taken their last bow and strewn themselves at our feet.

There may be something sad about falling azaleas, but there’s also something joyous, for we know they will be back next spring.

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