Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism?

Why has US ignored threat of domestic terrorism?

The recent trashing of the Capitol by Trump supporters is timidly being called domestic terrorism. The presidential oath includes the promise to protect and defend against threats “foreign AND domestic.”

Nations get hot about foreign terrorists, and that’s understandable. We’re ready to go to war and apparently, stay at war (the never-ending War on Terror.)

But what about homegrown terrorists in the good ole USA?

Words have meanings. Terrorism: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” The Capitol trashing fits the definition. But I bet they will be charged with minor offenses like illegal entry.

Remember the Oklahoma City bombing? The bombers killed at least 168 people, including many children, injuring more than 680 others. At first media suspected “Middle East terrorists” but it turned out to be lily white US citizens. Timothy McVeigh was a veteran, both he and Nichols were into the gun circuit,/evil ‘gubmint’ mindset. McVeigh had a well-thumbed copy of a hideous book which I read, but will not mention. In this book a Secret Order was fixing America by murdering Jews, black folk and half-breeds. They won in the end, brown corpses hanging from light poles all across America and cities in smoking ruins.

How about Norwegian citizen Anders Bering Brevik, who in 2011 set off bombs and then went to an island where teenagers were holding a “socialist” camp. There he methodically shot dead 69 young people who had nowhere to flee. This was to show others that Muslim immigration was destroying Norway. That was domestic terrorism and the bastard’s still living in a relatively cushy Norwegian prison complaining about the amenities.

Do we not think domestic terrorists EXIST? I had a neighbor who was all into this stuff. Stan is an intelligent man, and quite paranoid. He explained the moon hoax to me, the Illuminati and something about tunnels under the Denver Airport. He mentioned he was once questioned by the FBI.

Why were you questioned, Stan?

It was in connection with the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics.

Why were you suspected?

I had been in a Michigan militia. (His southern group had another name, which I can’t remember.)

Did you have anything to do with it?

Nope, we didn’t do that bomb.

Did you make bombs?

Sure. And stockpiled arms and held military maneuvers.

Well, you would have to hide that stuff.

Buried it in barrels in the woods.

Preparing for the Big Day I guess, when the ‘patriots’ beat the Illuminati and take the country back. They see themselves as heroes; saving the rest of us from enslavement by the Deep State.

C’mon Security, keep track of these right-wing domestic terrorists. Keep track of the left-wing ones, too. Take them seriously-they are as serious as a heart attack. It’s the extremists that threaten the Mountain in the Middle, AKA the Rest Of Us., who just want to live decent lives in peace.

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