Georgia Senate Runoffs-street level view

Georgia Runoffs-Report from Georgia

Raphael Warnock

I happen to be visiting family in Georgia just before the Senate runoff vote which will determine the Senate majority for the next two years. What I see is weariness; 2020 has been a rough year. Most people I meet are so relieved Trump is out, they seem to be sinking back into everyday concerns.

The Republicans are saturating media with horrible attack ads on the Democratic candidates, a black preacher named Warnock and a young white idealist named Osoff. So many attacks have been directed at Ossof that my eight year old grandson can rattle off the script verbatim. Ossoff is a dangerous socialist, he hates the police, he’s a commie! Just left of Mao…(I added those last two.) All lies, but if my grandson can quote them, the attack ads might work.

Warnock, a black preacher, has to be a threat. Georgia is full of Christians and has quite a few black folk who are tired of getting stomped. The attack ads use that clip of Obama’s preacher Jeremiah Wright saying “God d**n America.” Do they think people are so stupid they won’t notice that Wright is NOT Warnock? Yes, they do think people are that stupid. Black folk all look the same, right?

The Republican candidates are what I call the Plantation Folks; rich, entitled, living in their little snobby cotillion bubbles. Safe.

Who knows how this will go? Just yesterday a man was ranting about how Trump sucks in Target. Three white teens passed a 60 year old black shopper and called him a fat, worthless, n***er. Yes, there was a kerfuffle, settled by Security.

This town has three colleges and a large Air Force base. At least half the city is from somewhere else. They don’t like Trump. But right next door is Brooks County, full of pickups, conspiracy theorists and guns. The memorial at the courthouse lists Brooks Countians who died in various wars. “Colored” are listed separately. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

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