ADHD and the Glance of the Tiger

ADHD and Glance of the Tiger

Glance of the Tiger 18 X 24 Mixed Media by Je’

The first time I saw a tiger in person was at Wild Adventures. I was admiring their color patterns when I noticed one had silently walked within two feet of me. I had no idea they were so big-ten feet long and about 400 pounds. “Holy…a human would have no chance if it wanted to eat you.” Just then it glanced at me. I felt scared, some ancestral dread no doubt. There was a solid fence between us, but I have never forgotten that glance.

So I painted it. This painting required many tiny, repetitious brush strokes, which usually makes me crazy since I have a touch of ADHD. A friend told me, “They have drugs for that.” I answered, “Look, if I wanted to be stupid, I’d watch Fox News.” I’m not against effective meds if you really need them, I just don’t really need them.

But rather than get antsy and throw my brush across the room, I tried music. Research shows that Beethoven in the background improves test scores, so I went to Youtube. I found Focus Music, which I played and lo and behold, I sat for four hours, quite relaxed, making repetitious brush strokes. It worked, something about producing alpha brain waves.

My naughty friend Donna told me to hang “The Glance of the Tiger” in the lobby here at the retirement village. “It’s too scary, Donna. It will give some old coot a heart attack.” We’re going to compromise. I’ll hang it for one day, then replace it with the upbeat giraffe I’m working on.

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