First Light Fawn-C’mon Guys, There’s Hope…

A year ago I took a photo of the first light piercing the night down by the Suwannee River (where I live.) This year I found the photo and thought it would be cool if a fawn had been passing through. But hey, I’m an artist, I can make a fawn pass through, right? Not without a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but that’s true of all my paintings.

The thing that fascinated me the most was how the light would shine through the fawn’s ears. Have you ever shone a flashlight through your fingers in a dark room? The light passes through (sort of). We are translucent, not as solid as we think.

I never know if a painting is any good, that is, if it communicates to others. So I hang it in the lobby and see what happens. The first two people who saw it wanted to buy it, but it’s not for sale. I told them I could get them a print. I know they don’t have a lot of money and the darn painting is biggish (18 X 24). But I guess it communicates, and they even got the part about the translucent ears.


I admit I’m starting another painting today, partly to procrastinate. I need to make a website, which is about as miserable as putting together an Ikea wardrobe by dumping out the box and tackling it with with a screwdriver. I’m avoiding that as long as possible. Of course, I might try following directions instead of intuition….

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