Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell

Ghislane’s Crooked Father, Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell was born born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia in 1923. He moved to the U.K. and is rumored to have been connected to British and Israeli intelligence as well as the KGB. British intelligence, MI6, bought him a bookstore to get his start in publishing.


He eventually owned newspapers, Macmillan publishing in the U.S, and tried to build a media empire to rival Rupert Murdoch’s. He became powerful in media, however he did it through deception and fraud. He eventually went bankrupt and was facing charges of robbing employee pension funds when he died by falling off his yacht, the Lady Ghislane.


Like Ghislane’s lover/friend, Jeffery Epstein’s, Robert Maxwell’s cause of death was iffy, maybe accident, maybe suicide, maybe murder. He had many powerful friends he could expose if he went to trial, like Epstein. Ghislane was Maxwell’s youngest daughter and his favorite. A luxurious lifestyle, hobnobbing with bigwigs and fraud was normal for Ghislane, a lifestyle she continued with Epstein.


Robert Maxwell was not a nice man. All right, he was a P.O.S. He bullied his employees, humiliated his children, and lied as easily as breathing. He was repulsively greedy and totally amoral. Epstein’s arrogant, entitled criminality would have seemed quite normal to her, as is her complete lack of remorse.

Netflix: Filthy Rich (the Epstein story)

Video: Robert Maxwell: The Downfall

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