That’s it! I’m going to quit procrastinating. Tomorrow

We probably all procrastinate when we have some unpleasant task to perform: Clean out the garage, finish the term paper, or in my case, organize my art supplies. Even now, when I say my supplies ARE organized, I see bottles of paint on the kitchen table and a magnifying glass on a bendy arm bolted to the side. And aren’t those clay sculpture tools on the bedside table? Well, c’mon, I don’t have to be OCD about it.

I bought an industrial type set of shelves from Lowe’s and set it up in the studio. Then I threw stuff all over the shelves willy-nilly. Ugh! I can’t find the spray fixative. I need bins…bins with labels! It took one month from the dawning of this revelation to the actual organizing, because it was an unpleasant task and I procrastinated.

Time to organize those supplies! I told Me one morning.

Hmm…why was I keeping this tree stump? Where’s the trash box? Hang on, this is an interesting tree stump.

No, throw it away.

But I can see two chipmunks on this tree stump…

Two days later, I finished Chipmunks, fully aware that I was putting off cleaning up the studio. “What are you doing today?” asked a friend. “Procrastinating.,” I answered.

“No more BS”, said my Inner Grownup. “Drag your butt into that studio and do not come out until you have labeled and stashed ten bins.”

“Can I paint the beachscape when I’m done?”

“Yes. And get yourself a York’s Peppermint Patty. But not until you’re done.”

So I have labeled bins and a tiny sculpture of two chipmunks on a tree stump. I still have bottles of paint on the kitchen table and tools on the bedside table, but hey, nobody’s perfect.


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