Message Bird

Message Bird 16″ tall

I make gourdy birds out of…well, gourds. Plus polymers clay, wires, etc. This quail was a loser and got kicked around and broken. Yesterday when I was fixing him, I thought he should be holding a note pad. Then I wondered how dry erase boards work? Aha an experiment! My experiments usually fail, but this one worked!

I made a clay marker holder and coated Quaily in expoxy resin and let it harden overnight. Then I held my breath as I wrote “Hi” on his belly. Yup, it wiped right off. White boards ‘work” because they are so shiny and hard, like Message Bird’s belly. Eureka.


I’m going to give him to somebody who needs to leave messages. I live alone, so I don’t need to leave messages to myself. I hope he gets a good home. That is my criteria for people who want my art. If they love it, I try to determine if they will give it a good home; if it will, in some way, enrich their life. Then I lower the price to what they can afford. I will never be a rich, ‘successful’ artist, but I am a pretty happy artist.

Have a great week.

(My wisearse daughter just told me to hang it on my door with inspirational messages, like “Eff the Man.” They seem to think I’m…non-compliant?)

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