Covid Panic-Highly Contagious Insanity

As of this writing, the world is in the middle of Covid Panic. Schools closing, major events cancelled, my neighbor’s attic filled with spare toilet paper. I haven’t seen such madness since Y2K, when we all were going to die, I think because computers couldn’t handle the year 2000? Survival supplies were stockpiled, guns were purchased (“…to keep looters away from my chickens,” one normally nice guy said.

New Year’s Eve came, Alex Jones broadcast bank closings and martial law and the sky falling, and not a dang thing bad happened. I’m amazed it wasn’t the end of Alex Jones and his ilk, but they carried on and still carry on. Our collective immune system is compromised when it comes to swallowing apocalyptic BS.

Covid 10 spreads fast, like the common cold. It’s fast, but not particularly lethal. Normal people will get it and recover, as from any flu. Granny on oxygen might get it and die, just as she might from any virus. Look, Granny is going to die sometime-SO CALL YOUR GRANNY AND TELL HER YOU LOVE HER WHILE SHE’S STILL ALIVE.

This, too, shall pass. In ten years, it will be a blip on the radar. Bottom line, we don’t know much more about viruses than plague victims knew about rat fleas. But we could learn-and I’d love for us to put as much money and effort into that research as we put into ever more deadly weapons with which to kill each other.

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