Dali, the Golden Catfish

Finally. I spent whole days screwing this up before I woke up yesterday morning and saw what was wrong. I’m making three paintings of fish that live in the nearby Suwannee River: a bass, a bream and a catfish. Why? Who cares about three common fish? Apparently I do, but I couldn’t tell you why.

It’s acrylic pour background with traditional art and a resin topcoat. Still haven’t perfected the resin part…Many glazes…

Each fish has an essence I wanted to capture. The catfish is a bottom feeder who likes to laze about under logs, rocks and old tires. This one has noticed you looking at him. My theory is that when we think we’re looking at nature, we don’t notice that nature is looking back at us through thousands of eyes.

Of course I call him Dali because his whiskers remind me of Salvador Dali’s mustache.

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