Saphronia’s New Clothes

Saphronia’s New Clothes

I make birds out of gourds to unwind and let the paint dry on ‘real’ projects. This is Saphronia, the hen, before I gave her new clothes. It’s winter, we could all do with some cheering up.

I make skins from leftover pour paint by dumping leftovers on a silicone baking mat. When dry they peel right off, with a bit of baby powder to prevent the paint sticking to itself. Saphronia is sitting on the skin I plan to dress her in.

How do you put a flat, floppy skin on a round complex form? The same way porcupines make love-very carefully. I use slightly watered down white glue and brush it on a bit at a time. I cut with regular scissors, cuticle scissors and an Xacto knife. You have to cut darts to make it fit the roundness (ask someone who sews).

It’s never perfect-but what is? Nevertheless, Saphronia is feeling pretty spiffy in her new clothes and is being admired by the owl triplets, as you can see.

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