I’m SO SICK of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was supposedly so smart, so handsome, so Republican…Look, he was just an average serial murdering pervert-not even the most evil ever. I wish they would just assign numbers to these scum, so they wouldn’t become ‘famous,’ because that’s a big motivation for some of these losers. Can anyone name even one of Bundy’s victims?


I live in Florida where Bundy took his last romp. “He stopped in that parking lot,” they say. I live near Lake City, where Bundy killed 12 year-old Kimbery Leach; raped her and hid her body in an abandoned pig shed in the woods. He didn’t want to talk about that one, it ruined his clean cut, smart, Republican image.

He was not abused, he was not destitute, he was raised as well as most of us and better than many, who did not grow up to kill young women and have sex with their corpses. He was a narcissist and worse-all the way to a totally selfish psychopath. Good riddance.

He felt entitled to be rich, important, and powerful and when his ‘destiny’ was thwarted, he simmered and got revenge. Here are two incidents as evidence:

“Bundy was extremely driven to become a lawyer, likely due to a mixture of his need for stability and his belief that he required money to be considered successful. His initial application to the University of Utah Law School – a place he obsessed over – was denied, but in 1972 he applied again and “bombarded” the school with letters from previous professors who sang his praises. However, after the university accepted him in 1973, Bundy decided not to go.

He wanted to marry a girl from a wealthy, important family. Bundy speaking:

The relationship I had with Diane (Stephanie Brooks)had a lasting impact on me,” Bundy said in The Ted Bundy Tapes. She’s a beautifully dressed, beautiful girl. Very personable. Nice car, great parents,” he added.

Bundy, who often felt that Diane was out of his league, spent a lot of time trying to impress her. From working for the Republican candidate for Seattle to applying for a number of law schools after college, Bundy tried hard to gain the approval of his girlfriend and her affluent parents.

But after failing to get into law school, Bundy and Diane’s relationship quickly dwindled and over the summer, Diane broke it off. “She stopped writing [to me] and I started to get fearful of what she was up to. I had this overwhelming fear of rejection that stemmed, not just from her, but everything,” he said.

“In there, somewhere was a desire to have some sort of revenge on Diane.”

Following their split, Bundy made it his mission to reconnect with Diane. He had a plan for revenge.

She: “This was my main criticism of him after the year and a half of our relationship,” she said in the interview. “He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine.”

Bundy discussed marriage with Brooks as their relationship blossomed, but one day in January 1974, he broke off all contact. Eventually, he coldly answered one call and hung up, never to speak to her again. According to Bundy, he never forgave Brooks for the initial break up and just wanted to prove that he could have married her. By now, Bundy had stopped attending law school, and women started to disappear.

Women are possessions,” Bundy said in describing the psychological profile of the “type of person” who would have committed his crimes (at this point he is speaking in the third person, a ruse designed by his interviewer to avoid him having to admit his guilt). “Beings which are subservient, more often than not, to males. Women are merchandise.”

Bundy expressed that his thrill of killing came from “possessing” his victims “physically as one would possess a potted plant, a painting or a Porsche. Owning, as it were, this individual.”

A phony, malignant a**hole. I’m so sick of him I’m giving him a number. Good riddance, 53.

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