Truth About Iran They Don’t Want You to Know

(Those are Iranians? OMG, they looks just like people!)

We Americans are fed fake news from all sides. Since we all have enough crap of our own to deal with, we might just swallow the lies and move on. I certainly have done this. Who has time and energy to dig down through the layers of lies and half-truths to find out what’s really going on? Here are some truths about Iran to consider-don’t take my word for it; research it yourselves.

Iran is not an Arab nation.  They are, in fact, Aryans in the basic sense of the word. Like all ethnic groups, many feel superior to others surrounding them, just like many ‘Amurcans’ feel superior to Mexicans.

Ever hear of Persians? The Persian empire? Persians are now called Iranians. They are not stupid, they are not cowards, they are proud of their ancient history. They have in the past and always will, fight like wolverines.

Like other ‘middle eastern’ nations, they were exploited by western colonizers. The British wanted their oil and in 1953, when Iran had a Prime Minister and parliament, the US and UK engineered a coup, removing their elected leader, Mossadeq, and replacing him with the Shah. They did this because Mossadeq got the novel idea that Iran’s resources should belong to Iran. How dare he? The Shah was the Anglo puppet and SAVAK, his vicious secret police, were despised. Otherwise, Khomeini would never have had a chance to come to power. Unintended consequences for the Anglos.

The Anglos backed Saddam Hussein in his eight year war against Iran. They even helped with poison gas against Iranian troops.  Do you think Iranians have forgotten all this? Do you think they have no emotions about their dead sons, brothers and fathers? Put yourself in their place.

Israel’s part in all this is simple: Israel wants to rule the middle east and Iran is an obstacle. Israel’s imperial ambitions are used by the western powers to stir up strife. Israel is about the size and population of New Jersey. How is it they are the generator of so much conflict? They are supplied and used by superpowers. Israel, by the way, has had nukes since the 1960’s.

Iran is twice the size of Texas with a population of 81 million. They are smart, proud, and will fight for survival like any people fight for survival. Recently the US assassinated one of their heroes, General Soleimani. One Big Lie that came out in the western press was that Iranians hated Soleimani-that fake news was too outrageous to last long. What would the US do if Iran assassinated one of their heroes, then bragged about it? Iran sent missiles in retaliation? What did you think they would do?

War with Iran will enrich a few defense contractors, stir up patriotic fervor and perhaps get a warmonger elected. It will also break the hearts of thousands, perhaps millions of families on both sides. The US will not win that war. The US did not win the war against those thin, pajama-clad folks in Vietnam. Over fifty thousand young American men died there and for what? Vietnam did become Communist and now we go to vacation on their beaches and buy their sneakers.

This war thirst will be the end of the us if we don’t stop for just a minute and THINK.



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