We’re Still ‘Superstitious’ and That’s Not All Bad

During the Enlightenment, anyone who expressed a religious worldview was labeled ‘superstitious.’ Atheists still use the term to denigrate anyone who suspects there is something more besides the material items our limited senses can detect. Do you believe in ghosts? An afterlife? A human soul? Intuition? You’re superstitious. Materialists call you superstitious as a way of feeling oh, so superior. Materialists are wrong, impoverished in their self-limited thinking. and fearful of anything beyond their control.


Supposedly, our ‘primitive’ ancestors were superstitious, but we superiors have evolved beyond such nonsense. Dream on Materialists, if you can admit there is such a thing as a non-measurable dream-we are still superstitious.

Why does a hotel skip the thirteenth floor and go from twelve to fourteen? Because thirteen is an unlucky number. At the moment, there are record-breaking wildfires in Australia. It is summer in Australia and they always have had wildfires, but crises boil up truths and one natural human response to crisis is to look beyond the material.

That’s not a bad thing. After all, here is an unusual problem, it will likely require an unusual solution.

The boring answer is that Australia has had wildfires since forever, but this one is causing deaths and lots of destruction. Wildfires may have been as widespread in the past, but there were no humans in the way to be killed and no billions of dollars of human constructions to be destroyed, so we don’t care about those.

Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter, made the tongue-in-cheek comment that obviously Australia was created by God as a place to warehouse his animal mistakes and was never meant for human occupation.The devil’s face is detected in a photo of the rising smoke, as was the devil’s face in the smoke of 9/11.

We want answers and will make up answers when none lie ready to hand. We are often wrong in our conclusions, but not wrong in the impulse to seek answers, and not wrong in employing our imagination as we do so.

If you already know everything, you can learn nothing.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Einstein

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