There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Einstein.

Just saw a news article that says the creation of life is no miracle. Why is that? Because now they have a theory that explains it. Which defines “miracle” as that for which we have no explanation. As if our limited knowledge is the measure of all things?

That’s an arrogant and frankly, stupid, attitude. There were no bacteria before the microscope was invented? No infrared or ultraviolet until the broadband radiometer was invented? Obviously things exist beyond our limited senses and beyond our limited technology. We have no soul because we lack the instrument to weigh one?

Miracles as described in the Bible are rejected as superstition, since even God could not violate natural laws. Then we find our natural laws were limited. Why can’t we just admit we don’t know everything about everything? If we already know everything, we can learn nothing.

I notice that many Bible miracles are just natural processes speeded up. We heal from diseases, just not instantly. Fish and wheat reproduce, just not instantly. Water flows into growing grapes and we turn it into wine all the time, just not instantly. Nothing “unnatural” about it except the time frame.

No doubt people overuse and exaggerate miracles. But I watched one. My friend Ruthy had cancer and her bones were fragile. She called and told me she broke her foot. I said I would come and take her to the hospital, but she absolutely refused to go-she was through with hospitals. So I called two church ladies and we met at Ruthy’s apartment. They said God would heal, I was a new Christian, so this seemed like the answer to me.

Ruthy’s foot was black and swollen to twice it’s size. We all touched Ruthy and started to pray. Or the other ladies did, I was curious and peeking. In about three minutes, her foot turned pink and shrank down to normal size. They told her since her foot was healed, she should get out of bed and walk around. She did. They told her to stomp her foot. She did. It was fine. I can still see this in my mind; little fragile Ruthy stomping across her old-fashioned living room. Obviously, my faith had nothing to do with this, I was peeking.

How can this be explained? I don’t know; broken bones heal all the time. How so fast? I don’t know. I don’t know everything, I’m comfortable with admitting that. How about you?


  1. Yes, I’m also comfortable admitting that I don’t know everything! How can we possibly fit the fullness of reality into our little brains? Miracles, of course, do not come to everyone who prays for them — at least, not the kind for which is prayed. In my life of progressive disease and disability, I know that one of the greatest miracles is the grace of acceptance and undaunted joy.
    Pax Christi

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