So Much Fun It Should Be Illegal-Redneck Bird Sculptures

Somebody gave me a bunch of gourds, which look like birds, so I’m making them into redneck birds-the Gourdy family. So far I have Kenny Ray and Cletis.

I find this takes a combination of all my skills, polymer clay sculpting, bit of woodworking, painting, jewelry making, and a certain looniness. Cletis is 30″ tall and every day I worked on him, I laughed out loud, except for the times I cussed because I drilled a hole in the wrong place or something. There’s a story behind Cletis:

I came home from work one night and fifteen sandhill cranes were on the lawn. The males were doing this silly, hopping, flapping dance. The females looked bored. I imitated a male and he approached me and busted a move. I danced right back. He repeated it. I noticed the neighbors looking at me and got back in the car.

Cletis looked hilarious, but no doubt I looked pretty funny, too.

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