Life After Life

Throughout the history of humanity, the vast majority of humans have believed that YOU live on after your earth body gives up. In the past few hundred years, a mere drop in the bucket of human existence, a weird idea has emerged that humans are basically soul-less machines and anything beyond what our senses can detect is unreal, imaginary, a hallucination. This is a crap idea, but some do cling to crap ideas.

First they define “real” as what our (let’s face it) limited physical senses can detect. Then they glom onto the reigning paradigm and mock anyone outside of it. This, I submit, is stupidity. I’ve been watching Near Death Experiences on You Tube, and my conclusion is that most are genuine and a few are faked. I’m afraid some of us go to the opposite extreme and revere those who have died and returned, as if they are shamans.

The experiences are remarkably similar, even from children or un-religious folks. The basic message is that that ‘death’ is a lie, you continue as you and God is really, really good. Each of us is unique and of course, each experience is unique. “I came to a field, I came to a city square, I came to a bright white space…those differences don’t negate traveling any more than “I came to Jacksonville Beach,” “I came to the Metropolitan Museum” or “I came to the Grand Canyon.”

A big universal in the genuine NDE is that the person changes radically when they come back. We don’t like change, we don’t even like to change our hair style, never mind our life style. But these folks 1) Do not fear death 2) Drop the pursuit of wealth and status 3) Love other people much more and act upon it.

I know some fear being judged for how they have acted on this testing ground we call earth. So they wishfully conclude they won’t continue after they ‘die.’ We feel creeped out if we are informed, “There is a powerful spirit in the room.” Assuring us that the spirit is good still leaves us a bit shaky.

I once observed what I call ‘paradigm blindness’ in myself; and I thought I was fairly open-minded. A bear crossed the road in front of my car on CR 100. I said to my daughter, “Wow, that was a really big dog!” She said, “Mom, that was a bear.” Strange. I saw the bear, it wasn’t far away; I recognized it as a bear. But bears were not here, not this close to town. That’s like reasoning, “Spirits aren’t real, that’s not a spirit, that’s…some kind of weather phenomenon.”

We’re here to grow our soul. How? By treating others as we want to be treated. If you think that’s too simple, try it. Try it every day, with your spouse, your kids, your cashier, your trash man. Go ahead, you can do it.

Open your mind. As Hamlet said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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