Mean Streets of Pleasantville

You might think the 800 souls at Pleasantville are all sweet old Christians. Ha. Actually, there are some of those. And there are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts and sociopaths as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised…after all, we’re all different and we can be good or bad depending on how the day’s going, or even be both several times in the same day.

Phyllis is 400 pounds of physically aggressive malignant narcissist. She has assaulted three people since I’ve been here. One was wheelchair-bound and one was a nun. I had to act to get her out of the Studio, because students were afraid to come in while she had the key. It was hard; I had to push measures through the police department since the position of the admin here is to cover up any unpleasantness. “Fine, fine, everything’s fine” is their refrain.

When I FINALLY got her out, students sang, “Ding dong, the witch is dead…” She wasn’t dead, of course; in fact I thought she might kill ME and kept a log by my bedside in case she tried. After she assaulted the nun, they sent her to Anger Management. I guess it worked? She verbally assaulted the mentally challenged girl again, but this time one-legged Debbie told her to “shut the h___ up.” Phyllis screamed threats…but the next day she apologized and kissed Debbie on the cheek.

Yuck. I’d prefer an open-handed slap across the face.

Jeff, the pirate poser with the pet chicken, slugged frail, shaky Dana so hard he nearly fractured Dana’s skull. The doctor in the ER apparently filed assault charges, since Dana didn’t know how to do that. Jeff was evicted. They gave him three months to get out. Right up until the last minute, Jeff told people what a victim HE was. He and Dana were the same age, Dana attacked him, etc, etc. All BS. But phew-Jeff is gone, Dana’s family fetched him home to Boston and Phyllis is kissing people.

These are all people over 70, by the way. People don’t automatically become sweeter because they get older. They become more of what they always were. What are you becoming?

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