Suwannee River Fairies

I can see the Suwannee River outside my window-it’s a jungle out there, folks. When I first moved here and was lonely, I imagined the river banks populated with fairies and even wrote and illustrated a book to that effect. When I told people who lived here all their lives it was fiction, they said, “Oh no, there really are fairies down by the river.”

This is a big painting, three by four feet, and I’d like to make a series of about 15 of these, as soon as I figure out how to afford the canvases. There’s always a way! Meanwhile, I’ll keep doing studies of the thousand kinds of vegetation growing around here, while the fairies keep studying me. 🙂

Can you find the seven fairies? Is the squirrel trying to steal the pecan or did the fairy take if from the squirrel? Does the old guy believe what the other one is telling him? Do you see the tree frog?

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