One Day as a Lion

‘It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.’ said Benito Mussolini, and all the fascists cheered. Hell yes. King of the Beasts versus a mild-mannered follower. Predator vs. prey. I’m sure Mussolini, like all fascists, meant a male lion, too. Masculine dominance, Romans (or Germans or Americans) First. And all the fascists cheer.

“Give me liberty or give me death!” Sounds inspiring-but what dos a corpse do with liberty? Watch out for Only Two choices.

Let’s look at one day as a lion or 100 years as a sheep; 24 hours in the life of a male lion. In the first place, he sleeps for about 20 hours. Now he has four hours left. He wakes up, yawns and stretches, and follows the females to look for meat, since females are the better hunters. They stalk an antelope,sneak up, make their dash, but the antelope is faster. The lions will go hungry this day. An hour later, the hungry fascist lion dies and buzzards pick his bones out on the savanna.

Here is a sheep. He has grass, sunshine and a stream nearby. He has other sheep all around, ewes and lambs bouncing around, playing. When the sun sets, his belly is full and his tribe is all around him. And he has 99 years and 364 days to go.

Once again, the fascist’s sound bite/bumper sticker slogan is bullshit. But all the fascists cheer.

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