The Deadliest Threat to a Nation

Those in power like to divert our attention away from their corruption to an outside enemy. You can see why. If we have our panties in a bunch over ‘outside agitators’ we close ranks and support those in power.

News: China is massing troops on the Mexican border!

Us: Save us, President Skanky!

Skanky: Fear not! I shall keep America First! Here, buy my baseball caps and bumper stickers.

I heard China was massing troops on the Mexican border five years ago. It was being reported on alternative news sites on the internet, so you know that was reliable. They claimed to have satellite photos showing the massed troops. People actually believed this. Like so many sky-is-falling legends, this quietly faded away. Because it was a freaking LIE. But it had done it’s work-citizens were terrified and blamed the current administration for being ‘soft on…what? China? The southern border?

As of today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (his father was Polish-born Benzion Mileikowsky) is going to be indicted on charges of corruption, bribery, and betrayal of the public trust. The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz explains  why corruption destroys nations from within, like a worm destroys an apple from within. Bingo.

It’s not barbarians at the gates, Palestinians next door, or Chinese massing at the border that are the biggest threat to a nation. It’s the worm in the apple, quietly chomping, chomping away. We will fight the evil within, or die. The excuse “everybody’s doing it” is BS. “Everybody’ might like to steal their neighbor’s stuff and rape their daughters, but you know what? NO. No, that is not acceptable. It is not acceptable that you crooks hide in the apple and fatten yourselves at our expense either. We have to live in the apple, too.

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