Leaders: Male and Female

We know most human societies tend to be patriarchal; that is, males are, even if under the radar, considered to be smarter, stronger, more competent, natural leaders. No. This is cultural, not ‘natural.’ Our cultural heritage is from the Greek and Roman empires, ‘cradles of civilization’ via Great Britain, which was in Victorian times, convinced that females were mentally inferior, unstable and divided into two camps: Madonnas and whores, both of which camps were useful at different times. The very Victorian Darwin said his sister was much smarter than he, but of course as a female she was unworthy to receive an advanced education. The Greeks seemed to hate and fear women, calling them a ‘beautiful poison’ sent by the gods as punishment.

Women have objected to this state of affairs through the years but progress has been slow. It was unthinkable for women to vote in Athens, the so-called “cradle of democracy’ and women could not vote in the U.S. until 1920-not all that long ago. Women in certain middle eastern nations still live under the ancient patriarchy; 2018 was the first year women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Some cleric said driving would damage their uterus or some such crap. We know that some cultures require women to cover themselves from head to toe, lest men be tempted to rape them. Sounds like weakness on the part of those men, childish selfishness and a lack of any self-control. I think men who try to hide, control and oppress women are fearful, weak and pathetic.

Culture is a slow-moving stream. I see that. What bugs me is supposedly ‘scientific’ statements that reflect skewed cultural paradigms. Take the nature documentary depicting the dueling stags. The winner rules the herd. BS. Deer, mountain goats, walruses, bison, horses, etc. are not humans. They breed once a season and the males do not lead the herd like a human king, based on the size of his testicles or antlers. In fact, in one documentary, I saw a little mountain goat sneak in and impregnate a female while the ‘majestic’ badasses were busy dueling it out on the hillside. Survival of the smartest?

I grew up on a farm. Nature documentaries confused me. I never saw a bull, stallion or ram ‘lead the herd.” It was always an older female. Why? Because she knew where the food, water and safety were, while he was off acting like a macho Ahole.

For example, across the street from our house was a pasture full of young cows. The farmer put a bull in with them so they would have calves. Did they defer to the mighty bull? Lower their heads modestly and bat their big, flirty eyes? No. They took turns pushing him around all morning, so he would know his place. When they came in heat, they bred and had no further use for him, neither did they abuse him. They ignored him as he stood by the road, pawing and bellowing at passing cars, while they fed contentedly on the lush pasture. Who do you want to follow?

Women are human beings. Duh. They are not superior to men, nor are they inferior to men. Human beings, you may have noticed, are all unique. Surely some women are superior to some men in some ways and vice versa. How about we judge each human being according to their character and strengths, regardless of their reproductive organs?

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