Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK?

The scab that has grown over the JFK assassination is still oozing. The major news media still insists it was the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. I hope you know this is a bald-faced lie. The Warren Commission was a whitewash. The 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK’s death was the result of a conspiracy, yet THE ORIGINAL LAME STORY is repeated until today. But what were they trying to cover up? Basically, they were trying to cover up really nasty things the CIA was doing: coups, assassinations in partnership with the Mafia, installing fascist dictators, things that the vast majority of Americans would not approve of. In a way, that’s encouraging. They had to work in darkness because their deeds were evil.

Understand, it was not just the CIA. Take a pinch of CIA, the military, the Mafia, oil bazillionaires, far right Cubans, LBJ & Co.. They all hated JFK, despised him. But just take a pinch. Think, there were maybe three million people in these combined organizations, and only perhaps three hundred were involved. Just .01% of these groups, working together, but then the fact that this .01% ran secret operations must be kept from the rest of us-lest we be traumatized, furious, and demand scalps, which some truly thought would threaten our national security, or maybe cause a nuclear holocaust. It had to be covered up, for our own good, you see.

It’s been a long time and the flame is still burning on JFK’s grave. I think we can take the truth now, don’t you? A lie cannot prosper. 

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