This week at the Studio


Copyright 2019


A year ago I started the Suwannee River Studio on the theory that there were budding artists around who just needed some space and encouragement.

My theory has proven correct. I have fifteen students and we have a lot of laughs. As an extrovert, it takes me awhile to get to know the introverts, who seem to make up about half of any group. I like introverts; they fascinate me.

One very proper lady is Anastasia* a retired first grade teacher, very quiet and classy. She works on her art diligently, always saying she can’t do it and it’s not good enough. I have been working to balance her out for a year with some success. For example, she put a rubber snake in the butterfly garden and innocently asks people, “What is that by the flower pot?” so she can watch them jump.

She just spent a week working on a difficult landscape; difficult because it’s foggy and subtle-hard to pull off. She finished and it’s good.

She: (Sigh) You told me this would be hard. Next time I’ll listen to you.”

Me: No, you won’t.

She: No. I won’t!

Like my dad used to say, “One word from me and they do what they want.”

Way to go Anastasia.

*Names modified for privacy.

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