96% Chance You Are a Decent Person

Most of us are pretty good folks; we just want to live decent lives in peace. Furthermore, we have an inner urge to help each other in crises, even to help people we don’t know. Not just people, we help baby ducks who fall down culverts and caribou who fall through ice.

But let’s say the OOTs (Oligarchs on Top-who exists in every society) want to exploit, to beat, devour or kill some members of society to increase their profits-how can they overcome our urge to help one another?

They use our tendency to see human differences in simplistic, either/or categories: nobles vs. peasants, good vs. bad, us vs. them. When the highest good is maximum profit, then bad, inferior, surplus people are needed to justify greed: how about the old, the other, the poor, females?

In order to abuse a group, they must first dehumanize them-maybe even demonize them. Then good people everywhere will not only allow their enslavement, oppression or even mass murder, they might think it their duty to help out-you know, in order to ‘rid the world of evil.’

This happens again and again, it has always happened and will continue to happen until decent people wake up and see what the OOTs are up to. Red flags are media campaigns, “state department sources say” (notice no identification of the source is provided)

Who are the current targets? Immigrants? Women? Baby Boomers? Muslims? Who does the ‘news’ hammer upon you to hate? Maybe turn off the TV and think for yourself?

Je’s Law of Inevitable Aholes:

In any group of 100 people, at least 4 are consistently Aholes.

ANY group: Immigrants, Women, Baby Boomers, Muslims…my group-YOUR group.

(I admit, The percentage my be higher among the OOTs.)

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