97 year-old graduate

One year ago, we started The Suwannee River Studio at this 800 member senior community. I’m the instructor and as I tell members, “We ain’t sitting around knitting doilies and waiting to die. We’re doing stuff.” We have completed Art 101, a six lesson series, now on DVD, which is a jump start for beginners and tune-up for advanced artists.

Overacheivers Bill Bruce, age 97, and Anne Donahoe, age NOYB, not only completed Art 101, but pressed on to complete 201 and recently graduated from 301, a course so challenging, so far no one has requested Art 401. Bill is a genius and gets around quite well, thank you. At his surprise birthday party, he was asked if he had any words of wisdom for us ‘young folks.”

  1. Be happy
  2. Love your family and friends
  3. Go with the flow.

Excellent advice.

Stuff we’re doing includes making instructional DVDs available to the public, a rotating art show, murals, art parties and kid’s illustrated story time at the local library. We also have a Youtube playlist at https://bit.ly/2QuxO6C. We’re all creative (you, too)-keep arting.

Below: Bill at the surprise birthday party we threw for him.

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