No, Greed Ain’t Good

A famous passage describing Goldman Sachs as vampire squids plunging their blood funnel wherever they smell money is brilliant. But it’s bigger than Goldman Sachs, though that is their corporate culture and qualification for promotion. This passage actually describes any amoral sociopath’s lust for loot.

Greed is one of the primary motives for murder. Take out a life insurance policy, name yourself the beneficiary and kill the sucker. Or in a divorce where one party has a lot of money and doesn’t want to split it or pay child support-solution? Kill the partner. Both are very common and homicide detectives know this full well.

The fact is, people like money. They can exchange it for status symbols and even hire a hit man for the preceding scenarios. No doubt the most prayers storm the gates of heaven on the evening of any huge lottery drawing. “Oh Lord, please let me win. I promise I’ll use it for good.”

We all need money to obtain resources to stay alive, and we are partial to staying alive. But beyond staying alive some unbalanced sociopaths never have enough-they are never satisfied; they are unbalanced Aholes. They congregate around seats of power: lawyers, politicians, investment bankers. They are vampire squids, sniffing for any source of money (pension funds? social security?) into which they can plunge their blood funnel. If they can do it legally, they do. If they cannot, they sneak around the laws or change them and call it “deregulation.” They can change them; they are often in power positions in government, or can buy politicians. Manically greedy parasites, they hurt the rest of us-and they do not care if they do so. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

No, greed ain’t good.

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