Prejudice, Power and Status

We distrust strangers and that may be wise.

Our prejudice, our desire for power and status, our desire to gather resources to maintain life are not evil in themselves. They are part of being human. They become evil when taken to extremes.

Prejudice can be defined as distrusting outsiders, those who are other, different. That is not in itself a bad thing and we all do it. You can see how it would save an ancient tribe that was infiltrated by banished Aholes from another tribe, or spies and aggressors with robbery on their mind. Obtaining resources to stay alive is legitimate, but robbery is rejected as a means for doing that because the thief is selfishly taking the resources of some other humans who also want to stay alive.

Our desire for status is simply our legitimate desire to be important to others, but in an extended family of say 150 souls, each one WAS important. The occasional twisted Ahole turns that legitimate desire into their life’s work, scheming, conniving and stepping on the heads of others, determined to be the most important of all.

Power is just the ability to act and we all want the ability to act; it is closely related to freedom, a concept we all like. Aholes take that legitimate desire to the extreme of wanting, not to just to act themselves, but forcing everyone else to act to bring about their own selfish desires, as if the victim had no desires of their own, as if they were not really a human being, but rather an object to be used, a human resource to be exploited, or as Ahole Ayn Rand had one of her characters say, “What are your masses but mud to be ground underfoot, fuel to be burned for those who deserve it?

The good news is that while 4% are inevitably Aholes, 96% are decent human beings; flawed, failing sometimes, but basically decent human beings.

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