Fun at the Suwannee River Studio

Last February I started a studio here at Pleasantville Retirement Community. My theory was all people are creative, some people want to create visual images and anyone who wants to can learn to do this if I show them the tricks. Success!

We have a lot of fun here and the student work is amazing. I encourage each to follow their own style; I just help with the basic tricks. Wow, have they branched out! A visitor last night saw some of our stuff in our tiny shop-to-be and just had to have Corky, the man roasting a marshmallow, made from wire and wine corks.

Below is Big Bob, the Suwannee River Driftwood Dragon. He lives across the river by the Cafe, as explained in my book Suwannee River Fairies. I found a stick in the woods and it kept looking at me, waiting for eyes and a pond-so I finally made them. (Fake water)

We decided it’s OK to be crazy, as long as you don’t hurt anybody.

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